Find out which Newspaper is the BEST to get in your area!

Want to find out what is the best Newspaper to buy in your city? Check which Newspaper carries all Three Common Coupon Inserts! The Red Plum, Smart Source, and the Procter and Gamble.

Check HERE to see what Newspapers in your area carries the Red Plum Coupon Insert’s
(In some area’s your RedPlum Coupon Inserts will be mailed to you)

Check HERE to see what Newspapers in your area carries the Procter and Gamble Coupon Insert’s
(The P&G comes out once a month, usually the first Sunday)

Smart Source is a little harder to find out. You can contact someone at News America Marketing by filling out the Contact Us Form HERE or by calling 1-800-462-0852.

You can also check at anytime what Coupons will be available for upcoming Newspapers, and which weeks will have which inserts HERE. Please remember, Coupons available and coupon values will vary by region.


  1. Bobbi Kilbarger says:

    I wish there was a list of what version of the inserts came in each paper. Every week, we buy the Rockford Register Star and the Chicago Tribune. The Star has the same number of inserts usually (sometimes fewer), but has half the coupons because it’s packed with the advertising/order products pages. We have to buy it though because my husband wants the store circulars that the Tribune doesn’t include.

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