What is ibotta?

This is quickly becoming my favorite app!
If you have an iPhone or Android phone this FREE MONEY EARNING app is one every couponer needs!

What is ibotta?
It is an app for smart phone users that loads offers. The offers have various amounts that you can earn by purchasing the item at various stores such as: Walmart, CVS, RiteAid, Target, Walgreens, Kroger, Pick ‘n Save, H-E-B and many more! After you shop using the ibotta app you upload a photo of your receipt and then scan the bar code from the item. Tada! That is it! Within 24 hours the amount for that offer will post to your account.

What is your ibotta account good for?
Good question! When you are ready to “withdraw” your money you can have that amount transferred to PayPal, donate money to a school of YOUR choice, or donate to United Way.

Can this get any better?
Yes it can! After you sign up and confirm your first purchase you will receive $5.00 in your account plus the offer amount!! You will then get a referral link and for every friend who signs up you will receive $1.00 in your account as well.

Ready to get started earning easy money?

Use this link here ibotta to sign up!

1. When asked email or facebook, use email .

2. Log in to your email to confirm account.

3. Find ibotta in the Apple Store on your phone or Ipad/Ipod (or Google Play store for Android Users). Download the app to your phone.

Once your account is activated, choose from the offers listed. There are 2 or 3 “badges” to do to earn various amounts. Choose all to get max value!

YOU MUST EARN THE BADGES PRIOR TO PURCHASING! You can even do it while in the store!

The list saves to your phone, so check it while shopping!

To Confirm Purchases (submit a receipt) :

1. Lay it flat, no wrinkles

2. Start at top, make sure store name is on there and visible

3. Take photo.

4. there is an add section if you have a long reciept

5. After you submit reciept, it will ask you which product(s) you purchased.

6. Click or Choose the coupons you purchased, next you will have a barcode scanner appear. Hold the barcode in the redlines on the device. It will automatically scan the product for you.

7. HIT submit and your DONE :)

Quick Tips:

While in store look at the app and you can scan the bar codes to make sure you are purchasing the correct item for the offer.
For longer receipts you can add a second photo by choosing “add section” at the bottom of screen.
Make sure you get a clear photo.
Each offer is only good for one use. After you redeem an offer a new one will be added in its place.

(PHOTO CREDITS: all photos are from the ibotta facebook page)


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