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Update: Thursday, June 19th – We have contacted ibotta trying to figure out how to link our Pig Card to our ibotta account, they responded today with this “”Tomorrow you can do to the Redeem button, choose Piggly Wiggly Midwest, and then scan or add your card in one step “

Well I can now confirm to you it is no longer a rumor ~
Starting THURSDAY June 20th Ibotta will now work at
ALL Piggly Wiggly in Wisconsin and Illinois!!
~Plus the news gets even better!~
No more scanning receipts and bar codes, you simply
connect Ibotta and your Piggly Wiggly Preferred Club Card!

How does it work?
Step 1.  Download the Ibotta app here and connect your
Piggly Wiggly Preferred Club Card
Step 2.   Activate your favorite offers.
Step 3.  Go shopping and purchase activated offers.
When you check out use your Piggly Wiggly Preferred Club Card.
The Ibotta offers will automatically be redeemed.
(NO scanning receipt or bar codes)

Step 4.  Get paid using PayPal.
(Minimum withdrawal amount is $5)


(Top two photos courtesy of  http://www.shopthepig.com)


This is from Ibotta:
“What about my favorite store?”
We’d love if Ibotta would be enabled in every store without receipts or barcode scans.  We can make this happen – we just need your help.  So we’re asking you to petition your favorite retailer.  Tell them by email and Facebook that you would like to see them work with Ibotta to make it easier to earn cash rewards, and that if they did this, you’d shop there more often.  They can set it up by emailing Ibotta at inquiries@ibotta.com.  You can tell them it costs nothing to set up and it is super easy and fast for us to do so.  Together, we can make this happen!


  1. Richelle says

    I’m not getting the connect my card part. When I click on Redeem and then Piggly Wiggly I only get the upload receipt/camera logo. Then the camera turns on. Nowhere do I see where to connect my store card. Is there an update or something I need to get? I tried going into Google Play to check. Nothing. I searched every part of help on Ibotta and on any of the Piggly Wiggly sites advertising their new Ibotta feature. Hmm. Maybe I missed a step. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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