1 Gallon of Milk = 2 Gallons of Milk! FREEZE IT!

One Gallon of Milk = Two Gallons of Milk!

Milk prices are SOARING, Here are two tips to help you save some Moolah!

Cut it in half: I have been doing this for years now! I buy, (Or get FREE with coupons and sales) 2% or Whole Milk, and break it into two gallons. We have always drank 1% or skim milk, so diluting the above two, it tastes the same! I personally prefer to use filtered water from our Brita Filter.
** Please note this will change the vitamins and supplements per serving.

Freeze Milk: Found a really good price? STOCK UP! Freeze your milk! You can freeze it for up to three months. It will expand by 9% so make sure to remove about a cup and half before freezing. It will turn yellowish when frozen, but when you thaw it, it will go back to white. Skim and 1% freeze better then whole or 2%. IT TASTES THE SAME!

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  1. Melissa says

    I was just going to ask if you’d post something again on this! lol How long after it’s unthawed, should you use it by? I really want to do this…but don’t know if I can! :\ Just the thought of it being past due…I know it’s frozen…(I’m so picky about my milk) grosses me out! But I’m willing to try anything to save money! :) THANKS FOR THE INFO! Melissa

  2. Judith says

    We freeze milk here with Bagged milk from Kwik Trip … You can keep it frozen for up to 6 months and once thawed its good for about a week .. And since bags are only half gallon there is no waste .. and they are much cheaper then a jug of milk .. :))

  3. Dawn says

    If seeing the date on the milk freaks you out,take a sharpie and cross out the date and just either number them or write the date you put it in the freezer on there. Then you use the oldest first but don’t see the actual date. And the milk tastes the same as if it has never been frozen. You may want to give it a good shake after it thaws though.

  4. says

    WOW! I never thought to freeze milk. What a great idea! I’m a bit freaked out by “use by” dates too, but I like the idea posted above to just cross out the date with a sharpie. I’ve never purchased the bagged milk at Kwik Trip. Does it taste any different than the jugs of milk? How do you store it once the bag has been opened??
    Becca from It’s Yummilicious recently posted..Creamy Pumpkin Apple SoupMy Profile

  5. Dahlia says

    Gr8 tip!!! So glad to hear this now…I won’t have to rid of another drop of milk!! It’s just me and hubby so even a quart can be a lot.

  6. Debbie vazquez says

    my grandmother did this for years and I have been doing it ever since… It really does work…. Penny saved is a penny earned…is what my grandma use to say and another one is waste not want not….

  7. amy marie says

    when i lived in south africa for 3 months – all milk comes in plastic bags – and they are only paid once a month on the 1st – so they buy a months worth of food including bagged milk and freeze it. it does taste the same after thawing. down there they have whole or low fat….but their whole is like out creamer and their low fat is like out whole…so i always watered it down to make it like 2% here

  8. Deborah Rosen says

    Just an FYI: cutting 2% milk with water doesn’t make it 1%; it just makes it watered-down milk. The % refers to the fat content, not the milk content. Not a criticism, though – I think watering down your milk is a good cost-cutting idea if your family likes it. If there’s an Aldi in your area, watch for milk sales there. Whole milk is over $5 in our local grocery – at Aldi, I can often get it on sale for $1.99. Oh, and the date on the milk is not the use-by date, it’s the sell-by date. Depending on your fridge, your milk will still be 100% safe for 5 to 10 days after that date.

    • hannah says

      I think you could absolutely freeze chocolate milk, but watering it down would probably make it taste not chocolate-y enough

  9. Angela Hardy says

    for the sake of dating myself when I was a child and lived in Ca we used to freeze milk that came in the sort of wax cartons all the time. I am still here so past expiration didn’t do anything and still healthy i might add. I wish it was still made in those cartons.

  10. robbin says

    I am an army brat…so we only went to the commissary once a month, so my mother always bought enough for the month which meant even the milk went into the freezer….FYI shake the jug before pouring

  11. lisa says

    when we were little, my parents would freeze the milk and use it in the cooler when we’d go camping. It kept the stuff we were taking fresh until we go got the camp fridge up and running.

  12. jeanette says

    my family as been doing this for years important thing to remember before drinking make sure its unthawed all the way before using and shake it really really well

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